Solo project

   After a three-years stage-break, and thanks to the push of friends, I started playing again in late 2015. it was scary to do so without my bandmates, but I ended up enjoying it.

   Inspiration came in 2016, and I spent most of the year composing the material for what will become my new video-album Emotional Stories in B Minor.

   Healing, in the video on the left, is a small preview of the album, which I expect to complete along 2019.

   My show contains a set list of up to 2 hours. It features my new compositions (mostly built live with a looping machine) and Versus Five songs played with backing tracks (Burst in Tears on the right is an example). Regular guests join, including Laura Eyselein, a gifted and soulful singer with whom I have composed exciting original material.
   Overall, the show provides a great balance between genres which keeps the audience at their toes.

   Feel free to check the dates of my upcoming shows and enter my youtube channel to hear more music. I am always happy to play new crowds, so I am open for proposals, just email me.

With Laura Eyselein at Strohalm, 2017

Recording with KC Lehner, 2016